About Angela

Angela is married to a retired Naval Senior Chief and they have a very energetic little girl. She is a God Girl and doesn’t mind letting people know. In the course of her career in education, she has held many leadership roles including her current position as an Elementary School Principal.

Dr. Draper believes in service and civic responsibility. She belongs to a Sorority, a Mother’s Club and very active in her Church Community. Angela’s personal mission statement is: Lead with Courage and Love.

My Story

I became an educator during the recession of 2008… This was not my original career path. I did everything within my power to NOT become an educator (like, I have 2 degrees outside of education). While I come from an amazing line of educators (grandparents, mom, aunts, and uncles) who served in all levels and specialties (elementary, high school English, special education, high school principal, district administrator, etc) it was something I just did not desire to do. I did not know education was my passion until I took a job as a substitute teacher and the principal (who was the youth minister at the church I attended) of the school I worked at regularly encouraged me to pursue education as a career path. I was very resistant to this change because growing up I knew I was going to be a BOSS in an office wearing an amazing pantsuit with shoulder pads (raised in the ‘80s). My aunt was my pusher, she saw the educator in me way before I did and knew I would become a school administrator.

I started teaching before I had my education degree and I was on an emergency teaching license with NO idea what a STANDARD was or what a LESSON PLAN should look like. My view and insight of education was very surface and way off the mark. I thought I could teach what I wanted, do whatever fun activity I remembered from when I was in middle school and the kids and parents would love me! Let’s just say, I had a rude awakening. Since Tennessee required me to be enrolled in a certificating program to obtain a teaching license I was on an intense fast track to getting my educational life together.

As I moved into the different leadership roles in education I started to realize there is a gap between pedagogy and practice. The HOW to implement was a mystery. I noticed some teachers did it naturally and enjoyed their work while others struggled and slowly began to dread coming to work. As a coach and administrator, I love helping teachers fill in this gap. The end-user of education is ultimately the student, but in order to have an engaging and enriching experience, the educator must be effective in delivering the instruction.

My passion for education is not confined to the traditional K-12 classroom setting. I am a CREATIVE EDUCATIONIST, this means I partner with other fields and organizations to apply my knowledge and skills to support their educational programming needs. So whether you are a school administrator, classroom teacher, Sunday School teacher, crafter, technology group, or any business that needs professional development support, I’m here to serve.